UnaSenoritaLogoDining with friends and family should be about more than eating; it should be about creating memories, exploring new cuisines, challenging your palate as you discover unexpected flavors– in short, it should be an experience, all the richer for having taken place in your own home.

Let me share “el provecho“, which translate from Spanish as “the privilege”, of creating that experience, as Una Señorita Gourmet, (a California Culinary Experience) invites you and an intimate group of friends to partake of el provecho that has been my greatest gift, that of sharing and preparing meals in Mexican, Puerto Rican/Cuban, Mediterranean, French, Italian and American kitchens.

Mexican women preparing for a wedding
Mexican women preparing for a wedding

My culinary style has been heavily influenced by that of Mexico, I fell in love with the old world techniques: the time taken to grind spices with a mortar and pestle, toast seeds and chiles on a comal, working the masa to make tortillas by hand— honoring the ingredients and coaxing out the flavors in a way that no other techniques can. These techniques lend themselves beautifully the locally-sourced, organic ingredients we are blessed with in the SF Bay Area; where the food scene is all about a chef’s creativity– the perfect place to explore fusion of the cuisines I love to cook. Allow me to share this privilege with you, with an exquisite meal which I will prepare in your kitchen.





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