Bayview food scene is a little-known SF gem

At first glance, it seemed more than a little discouraging when I googled “Bayview Food”, the first 5 sites to pop-up were all crap: McDonalds, KFC… the least offensive was Subway. After that, there was a local burger joint…  a little better. But as I kept scrolling, the real taste of this off-the-beaten track SF neighborhood starting to bubble up, like a beautiful, shimmering layer of rich fat on a homemade chicken broth. From the expected (Frisco Fried features soul-food favorites like Chicken & Waffles and Carmelized Butter Crab) to the unexpected ( Gratta Wines is a compact winery), the list is long and really interesting. This proved to be a case of “as Google goes, so goes the neighborhood”: sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get to the good part, in this case, good food, which may not yet be top-of-mind when it comes to San Francisco’s predominantly African-American neighborhoods of Hunter’s Point and the Bayview.Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 2.20.11 PM

The burgeoning  Bayview food scene got a big boost when Radio Africa opened  their location on Third St., and brought much-deserved attention to the area. Radio’s Africa’s Chef Eskender Aseged is a real talent and has captured the attention of the press, locally in the SF Chronicle and the Bay Area Guardian, and even nationally in HuffPost and the NY TImes. Radio Africa & Kitchen (4800 Third St.) is “named for the ritual of sitting around the radio over snacks and conversation in his Ethiopian hometown” said Chef Aseged in a HuffPost interview last year. His North African cuisine (see photo, above) is known for its fresh, local ingredients. “A typical meal might include cauliflower soup with smoked paprika, wild barramundi with pistachio salsa and roasted pears with SF rooftop honey, hibiscus and vanilla ice cream”, the interview continues with this reason for opening in the Bayview, “I wanted a neighborhood that was quieter and more up-and-coming than the Mission. I love the Mission but it’s too much –- too busy, too saturated. We can do something bigger in Bayview”.

What is the most exciting about this, beyond the obvious commercial benefit to a neighbor that badly needs it, is the opportunity to populate what has essentially been a food desert, or at least a food swamp with local purveyors of good food. This is a real community effort, providing opportunities not just to those who are not from the Bayview but are willing to take a chance there, but also for local entrepreneurs to sparkle. If change comes to neighborhoods like this, where we know there are health problems related to obesity and poor eating FROM WITHIN, it has a real chance to stick and be successful. After all, eating food prepared by a neighbor is just that, sitting down with friends. It feels natural, not forced, it feels good!

Home to numerous artists and artisan food producers, the Bayview is a little known gem in San Francisco. For decades this community has been home to many talents, and a pop up market next week will allow residents and visitors alike to sample and enjoy some of San Francisco’s best local producers.

All Good Pizza to Host the Third Bayview Mercantile Pop Up Market Event

This will be the third of a series of pop up markets,  taking place on September 8th from 11 am to 4pm, in the sunny Bayview district. Celebrating the wonderful diversity of one of San Francisco’s most eclectic communities, the event will feature gourmet food, San Francisco-made wine, art and music. Many are pop-ups, so take advantage of this opportunity to “catch” them!

All Good Pizza  1605 Jerrold Avenue at Newhall

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 3.03.17 PM

This business started with the desire to bring delicious, healthy food to the ever expanding Bayview district of San Francisco. For residents of the 94124, food choices had been somewhat limited. The owners of All Good felt the area lacked a “good, sincere pizza” spot. So they talked to their neighbors and they agreed: “we need great pizza!  So we’re doing it, Neapolitan style, and we know you’ll love it”.

All of their food is made from scratch, utilizing age old recipes borrowed from friends, adapted from local favorites, or invented in our kitchen on Hudson Avenue. The menu changes frequently based on what’s in season and they use locally sourced organic produce and products from vendors right  in the 94124 like Veritable Vegetable and Crepe and Brioche.

They serve brick oven pizza, paninis, links, and fresh salads.  “We have a kick ass smoker lent to us by the amazing Evergood Fine Foods company- makers of the world’s best sausages and residents of the 94124 for over 80 years”.

Batter Bakery

Bueno Eats

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 2.26.27 PMComfort Foods National–  It’s no surprise that everyone has a favorite CFN chicken salad. We’re taking PRE-ORDERS for this weekend’s Bayview Mercantile Pop Up Market at All Good Pizza. Just reply to this post. Everyone will want to know your favorite!!!  Cranberry Curry Pecan, Citrus Apricot Almond, or Smoked Cocoa Chile Mesquite. All salads are yogurt-based, health conscious and part of our Lifestyle Comfort fresh foods – energizing – no weighing you down and no snoozing allowed!
Available in 8oz containers – $7 each or 3 for $20

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 3.09.48 PMEarl’s Bread – Naturally leavened Challah bread will be ready in limited quantities on September 5th for pickup (check FB page for where).  Choose your favorite location and enjoy!  I will also be at the first Pop Up Community Market on September 5th and challah can be picked up there as well.  These loaves will be $7.00 and will be baked in rounds for the high holidays.  L’shanah tovah! From Earl’s FB page,  “Challah will have raisins and/or dates, please let me know me know what you prefer: the bread without or if there are any allergies.  Please make a note of this in the comments section when you order. Thanks!”

Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 3.18.35 PMYvonne’s Southern Sweets– Inspired by her late grandmother Vermell Hines, Yvonne Hines has been living out a family legacy of serving mouth-watering homemade southern sweets since 2003.

A San Francisco native, Yvonne began at home sharing her special recipe of pralines, a confection pecan candy originating from the Old South. Perfecting a recipe given by a close family friend, Yvonne began sharing her creations with family, friends and co-workers. Everyone who sampled her pralines would rant and rave of the delicious authentic flavor and encouraged Yvonne to share her tasty treats with others. She opened her Bayview location in 2006.

Gratta Wines– Beginning with sustainably grown grapes from the old vines of Teldeschi Vineyards in Dry Creek Valley, through the crush, fermentation, pressing, barreling and bottling, each step is done by hand. In Italian, Gratta means “from scratch”.  Our wines are made with a gentle hand encouraging the natural process to evolve. Gratta Wines are produced in the spirit of my grandmother’s philosophy…she would always say “What recipe? Just do like this.”

For more information, please visit the event page:

To stay in touch and hear about future events please “like” our Facebook page: CONTACT: Kristin Houk,, 415-846-6960


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