Chef-curated market boxes- its the perfect answer to “What’s for dinner ?”

Here’s a perfectly-portioned solution to the age-old questions, “what’s for dinner?” brought to you by the Mission Community Market (MCM) and Good Eggs: the Chef’s Market Box. Each week, a different local chef will curate a box filled with the ingredients you’ll need to execute the unique, summer’s best recipe enclosed; inspired by the farms and produce at MCM. Chefs from Local: Mission Eatery, Radio Africa & Kitchen and 4505 Meats are recipes for first month. Best of all, you aren’t stuck with too much of an item, or weird veggies you don’t know exactly what to do with, which can be the case with some organic farm-to-home delivery services.

According to MCM, “Getting the box is a snap, from ordering to delivery. Each week, you can check out the recipe and order online through Good Eggs until Wednesday. On Thursday, the box will be packed and ready for delivery to your door, pickup at Mission Community Market (on Bartlett and 22nd Street) or three other pickup spots in the Mission and SOMA. Online, you can select fresh add-ons to your recipes, like locally-raised 4505 meats or pickles from Emmy’s Pickles and Jams, along with other offerings from the Mission Community Market”

Chef Des Voignes of Local Mission Eatery created the first recipe (last week) and this week Chef Eskender Aseged of Radio Africa & Kitchen in the Bayview is curating: Savory Vegetable Alicha with Couscous, which Chef Aseged describes as “a lively party of vegetables, seasoned with a delicious garlic-ginger vinaigrette and served over warm couscous”.

Your Market Box includes: The full recipe and all the ingredients you’ll need, cost $19, serves 2, or add the sausage $12/5-pack.

Ingredients: All produce is organic! Carrots, green beans, potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, lemon, shallots, garlic, ginger, parsley, turmeric, couscous.

Recipe summary: Preheat oven, blanch veggies until they’re tender, and prepare couscous. Once veggies are blanched, roast them in the oven for a few minutes. If adding sausage, cook in pan and slice. Prep dressing, remove veggies from oven, dress them and serve over couscous, adding in sausage if you’d like (available on-line as an add-on: Lamb Merguez Sausage: juicy, ridiculously flavorful and made in SF by 4505 Meats. Comes in packs of 5). Total time: 40 mins. (Full recipe included in box)
Next week’s box will feature 4505 Meats famed burger from Chef Ryan Farr.

“MCM and Good Eggs both share the goal of encouraging healthy eating and healthy communities, while supporting local farms and artisan food producers.
Good Eggs is a technology company whose mission is to grow and sustain local food systems worldwide, and is building an online marketplace for local food where people can discover the best goods close to home, and buy directly from the local farmers & foodmakers who create them”.


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