This week at Mission Community Market

Introducing: The Chef Market Box! Designed Meal Delivered!
Thanks to Good Eggs & Local: Mission Eatery

Don’t have time to come to MCM (today, Thursday between 4 and 7:30 on Bartlett St. at 22nd) or figure out which amazing produce to pick? What if San Francisco chefs picked out our freshest produce each week and created a market-inspired recipe for you? (They have!)Image

And what if MCM will arrange to deliver the recipe & all the ingredients so you can cook it up? (They will!)

And what if you could make it all happen right now? (You can!)

Order your Chef’s Market Box by noon Thursday and by 5pm Thursday have a package of the freshest ingredients, perfectly portioned for a delicious dinner.

Have it delivered to your door or pick up at any of four locations in the Mission or SOMA.

This week’s dinner: Farro with Roasted Summer Squash & Spring Onion, Spring Salad. Delivered by Good Eggs and designed by Chef Jake Des Voignes of Local: Mission Eatery!


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