I had been trying to get in to Wise Sons since they moved into the Mission (on 24th at Shotwell) over 2 months ago, from their pop-up location. As a transplanted New York Jew, when I discovered them, I was instantly transported, so imagine my excitement when I saw they were moving into my Mission! First, they were under construction, then, they seemed to be baking and cooking, but not open. Then it was the Jewish holidays, so they were closed. Finally, last  week, the Jewish food gods were on my side! At 2:30 on a Tuesday, I went in for a late lunch. It was packed (with lots of people who did not look like Mission locals… this is a good and a bad thing, as those of us who live here know).  And after I ordered my sandwich, I totally understood why… a sandwich, just a sandwich, no beverage, no dessert was $10 and change with tax (well, it did come with a little container of truly delicious, crisp, bright coleslaw).  For many Mission-dwellers, this is a bit of a budgetary stretch, BUT….


At first, I thought I was going to be disappointed, because I had order my sandwich on a bialy. Its almost impossible to find a bialy in San Francisco; this had been my standing order at the pop-up, a bialy with cream cheese and smoked salmon. No sooner had I placed my order than the baker came out to announce that there were “no more bialys today!”. Wise Sons bakes everything themselves, and offered to substitute rye bread. What could I say… BUT, biting into my smoked trout salad on that perfectly-baked rye bread, just crusty enough crust with perfectly soft bread, with that amazing smoked trout… well it was like heaven in every bite and worth the $10.

On another note, I looked up to see 3 vintage seltzer bottles on display, the kind they used to deliver to my house when I was a kid in New York in the 50’s. Turns out, you can get this seltzer on your table. I love that. I think next time, I’ll eat-in just for the experience of spritzing seltzer into my glass.

Here is Wise Son’s announcement for this week: “People have been asking for dinner service, and now we’re ready to deliver. Chef Thomas Martinez is joining the mishpucha at The Wise Sons to bring you very own shabbis dinner on Friday June 8th. Reservations will start at 6:30 with our last seating at 9:45. Please email your request to catering@wisesonsdeli.com including your time and table size as well as any dietary restrictions you and your guests may have. We will try to accommodate as many reservations as possible and we promise to host another dinner very soon”.



  1. I love Wise Sons, really hard working kids with a true talent and great personality, fame has not changed them, and they make food that is out of this world. so glad they are open for dinner now!

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