Try making your own chile flakes by dry-roasting some anchos and chiles chipotle meccas (these are the dried ones) all of these can be found at Casa Lucas on 24th and Alabama Sts. Dry roast on the comal until charred but not burnt and break up into small pieces using the molcajete- the chiptole meccas are sort of soft so you’ll need to mince them with a sharp knife, then combine flaked chiles with the garlic, kosher or sea salt (any kind of coarse salt), crush ingredients well in the molcajete, add the olive oil and follow recipe here.


With the Tuna Trio yesterday, I’m kinda tuna’d out. So I thought this recipe would be a nice change of pace. This is one of Baby Lady’s favorite recipes and she will be happy I posted it without her asking me to do so.  It is also one of my favorites, too.

Baby Lady & I always eat a balanced meal and are always looking for new ways to fix old favorites. I like Cauliflower and Red Chiles.  When I found this recipe, it  was a match made in heaven. Now before you stop reading, this is not hot. It has a little warmth but this recipe is all about flavor. The cauliflower is SLOW ROASTED at 325 F. Wile you can cook the cauliflower faster at higher temps or using a convection oven, don’t because SLOW ROASTING permits the cauliflower to absorb the chile flavor gradually and turn a…

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