Basa Seafoods offers dining option

Basa Seafoods (3064 24th St between Treat Ave & Lucky St) has spent the last year evolving from a great place to source fresh fish, shellfish and ADVICE (owned  by the same people as Sun Fat on the Mission, Basa is not neatly as busy, so Andy has time to explain which fish makes the best fish fry, how to prepare scallop ceviche… he’s really knowlegeable) to a hidden gem of a brunch/lunch spot.

Slowly adding to their menu of prepared foods, they have a delicious (and obviously really fresh) shrimp cocktail, ceviche, great lox and bagels (somehow, this seems appropriate- that you would find a New York Jewish staple alongside a Mexican specialty item… after all, its the Mission, where fusion reigns as Wise Sons’ Deli’s hand-painted signage sits proudly above a brightly mural with Spanish titles) and now they’ve added chowders, fish tacos and a fish fry! While the quality and freshness came as no surprise, the texture and tastes were much better than anticipated. A  light batter coats the fish for just the right level of crispy but not greasy; and the clam chowder, which, in true San Francisco style, is served in a bread bowl, has good flavor and isn’t overly-thick or gloppy (hate that), nor does it taste of thickeners. I love the ceviche, fresh and just the right amount of bite!

They’ve recently added several tables- and while you’re there, Basa is a good source of produce (limited but well-priced selection) and has some interesting condiments and frozen items as well. So bring your appetite and your bolsa de compras (shopping bag, Mission-style).


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