“Put your hunger in Hotdog jail” with Eagle Dogs on 24th and Treat

Well, that’s the way Tom Kreis, owner of Eagle Hotdogs likes to put it. As a native New Yorker, I have to say that I know a thing or two about hot dog vendors. In fact, my dad fed us so many New York dogs (only way to eat these is “with everything” so they were piled high with sauerkraut, something I haven’t seen here in SF, fried onions mustard and ketchup) that my system revolted and I stopped eating hot dogs altogether. For years.

But when I saw Eagle Dog’s cart last week, right where my car was parked, on the corner of Mission and Treat, and Tom’s friendly, smiling face, and that ACME logo; well, I decided the hot dog famine was over, that I would at least give Eagle Dogs the taste test. Let me tell you, they passed with flying colors! Good thing, too, as I know lots of time has gone by since I last munched down on a street dog, but $4.50 still seemed a little steep to me. But worth it! First place, they use ONLY free range California beef Hotdogs, which makes a huge difference in the taste and texture of the dog. Just like the New York dogs of my childhood, Eagle’s bogs “snap” when you bite into them, which Tom explains is due to the all-natural casing… none of this rubbery “what-am-I-eating” texture. Part 2, also of crucial importance to a good dog is the bread and Tom only uses Organic Acme buns, which he steams, as is de riguer for the right taste/texture experience. Then there are the organic sauteed onions, delish! And finally, 8- I counted them, 8 different mustards, plus all kinds of other condiments including wasabi, jalapeño and more. So get over to the spot on Tuesdays-Wednesday-Thursdays-Fridays between 11-7 or follow Eagle Dogs on FB to see which street fairs Tom’s hitting this week.

Tom and his clean bill of health, dogs are not only delicious, they are certified by the City!

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