If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is the place to go! On the corner of Capp, you’ll find Copa Loca Gelato, (literally, the “Crazy Cup”). Evidently, while “bringing the old-fashioned Gelateria of Italy to the San Francisco” the flavors of the Mission fused their way into Copa Loca’s “freshest ingredients and seasonal fruits undoctored with chemicals, artificial powders or coloring. ” Look for: Spiced Mango Sorbet, Vanilla Mexico  (also available as soy gelato) and Dulce de Leche gelato, Mamey, Piña Coloda and Avocado sherbert. They also offer exotic tropical fruit sorbet by the pint: chirimoya, tamarindo and guyabana were special the day we were there.

A few doors down, you’ll find Mission Minis– cupcakes that, at $1/ea, allow you to give into temptation. Small enough so there are just about 2 bitefuls of amazing flavor: Aztec Chocolate has all the taste of a cup of Abuelitas Hot Chocolate (see Secrets and pleasures of Mexican cooking: Abuelita Chocolate)

Across the street, on 22nd a few doors off of Capp (heading away from Mission), there’s Pan Lido. If you’ve never done this, stepped into one of the various panaderias or Mexican bakeries in the Mission, here’s your chance! Its fun… you grab a tray, a pair of tongs and you walk around the shop picking from trays of freshly baked Mexican pastries know as Pan Dulce (translates as “sweet bread” but is really a food group all its own). Some resemble turtles or snails, others are less elaborate in shape but each has its own name and recipe. Don’t even think about the price, they are all really cheap, from $.50 to maybe $2.50, if that much; so select any and all that tempt you and then you bring your tray to the cashier, just like they do in the bakeries in Mexico. They even have Tres Leches cake by the slice.


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