You know its spring when Mission Community Market comes to life again: Opening Day for this vibrant destination for small, local producers, vendors and artisans is this coming Thursday, April 12. If you haven’t met the market, they have lots of special events planned for opening day at Bartlett and 22nd Streets in the Mission District. Besides new vendors for this year, there’s exciting news to help you stretch your food dollar: through the MCM program as part of the Mission Health Promotora Project, they will match $1 for every $1 spent through CalFresh (EBT) or WIC. The goal “is to engage all peoples and families in the Mission and provide better access to healthy, fresh foods.”

Sustainable, organic, local:

These are the buzzwords of San Francisco’s top chefs and here, at MCM, you can shop the some of the same vendors they source to produce the amazing food that our city is known for. Among the farmers and producers that you will meet are:

  • Happy Boy Farms–  ever wondered where Chef Eric Tucker sources all that amazing produce for his annual Millennium Farm Dinner? At MCM, you can shop where Chef Eric shops and produce your very own Farm dinner. Happy Boy Farms of Watsonville’s “signature crops includes pre-washed baby mixed salad greens with edible flowers, tender leafy greens, juicy specialty melons, flavorful heirloom and dry-farmed tomatoes as well as potatoes, sweet potatoes, specialty peppers and many unique varieties of summer squash and bunched herbs”. Visit their website for tempting recipes including beautiful photos for dishes like Nettle Soup, Fava Greens and Grapefruit Salad and Happy Boy Frittata.
  • Twin Girls Farm– offering  a year-round selection of fruit grown in the San Joaquin Valley including organic navel oranges, mandarins, plums, peaches, pluots, kiwi, persimmons, and pomegranates.
  • Winters Fruit Tree locally grown almonds, pistachios, pecans and walnuts
  • Tomatero Farm– grows “many different varieties of tomatoes, as well as strawberries, brassicas, greens, peppers, squash, melons and root vegetables… and [are] dedicated to organic practices [such as] beneficial plants and native hedgerows to increase ”good bugs” so they ward off the “bad bugs”.   Using crop rotation methods, which allow “the soil rest a healthful amount of time” prior to re-planting again, at Tomateros Farms they know: “good soil grows good vegetables”.
  • Little City Gardens (see below)
  • Coastside Fish
  • 4505 Meats (see below)
  • Spring Hill Cheese– Estate produced cheese from Petaluma: this is a “term used for cheese that is manufactured from a single location. The cows eat the lush green grass. Their milk is then used to make cheese right there in the cheese making room. The cheese is then aged, cut and packaged for distribution, all on the same dairy.”
  • Yerena Farms– strawberries, raspberries, strawberries, squash blossoms, blackberries, cactus pears
  • California Olive Oil
  • Home Maid Ravioli -Organic, locally produced olive mixes, olive oil and hand-made pastas, family-owned and operated for 75 years!
  • Dandelion Chocolate

New Vendors in 2012
4505 Meats offers high quality, pastured meats and with BBQ season upon us (come on, you’ve already fired up that grill at least once!), their famed 4505 burger kit is right on target. (The 4505 Meats cheeseburger recently got voted “Best Burger in the Bay Area” by an Eater SF reader poll). Chef/owner Ryan Farr, a classically trained chef shares his artisan butchery techniques in his book, Whole Beast Butchery, which Chad Robertson, chef-owner of Tartine calls “ a thorough master class in how to choose, prepare, and utilize whole animals in this practical and instructive exploration into the craft of the butcher. Check out 4505 Meat’s website for classes in whole hog, beef, lamb butchery, sausage-making, foie gras, knife skills and more. We can’t wait to taste their Chicharrones, which are described as, “irresistible clouds of puffy pork magic, seasoned with only the finest chilis, sugar, and salt, part of their Swine So Fine Product Line”.

Little City Gardens, “the first contemporary commercial farm in San Francisco to sell in San Francisco,”  they are a small urban farming business that is n the cutting edge of this growing movement. Delighting their neighbors by transforming an eyesore to a productive, positive lot on Cayuga, Brooke and Ciatlyn are excited about their debut this week at MCM.

Live Entertainment will include Locura, recently featured on National Geographic World Music, their music mixes Flamenco with Reggae and Cumbia with Ska. They’ll be performing at 4pm.

And watch the Mission cityscape evolve before your eyes as a new mural is unveiled on Bartlett Street as part of the opening day activities; its part of a collaborative project between the artist, students, MCM and the City of San Francisco is a new Youth Mural created as a collaboration between students and local artist Chris Treggiari.


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  1. A group of smart people here in our town are planning a local food hub. I liked how you gave information about your providers so shared the link to your blog.

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